Vegetables for our Indian Kitchen


Lemon - Medium to Large Size (4 Piece) ₹10.00
Green Chillies (250gms) ₹17.00
Garlic - 200gms ₹28.00
Onions (1kg) ₹58.00
Potato - Medium Size (1 kg) ₹45.00
Tomato Hybrid (500gms) ₹18.00
Cucumber - Local (500gms) ₹14.00
Carrot (500gms) ₹40.00
Frozen Corn - 1 Kg Packet (FLAT 20% discount on MRP 160/-) ₹128.00

Vegetables are something that we have been literally forced to eat ever since our childhood. But, somehow, that likeness for veggies still remains the same, which is none.
However, the fact that these vegetables offer us a wealth of benefits in connection with our health is also something not to be forgotten. These superfoods pack a mean punch when it comes to nutritious components such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and fiber.

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